Corporate Design

The corporate design forms the foundation for a visually consistent appearance of the company. The navigation point Corporate Design includes all communication materials of the visual company appearance – internal as well as external. These include letter heads, business cards, presentations, advertising material and various other media.

Fonts, colors and graphics are part of a carefully chosen and well-considered overall strategy. Therefore, employees should not become designers themselves. The aim of this digital style guide is to take you into the world of creation and good design to introduce you to the new side of our communication materials.

All our materials have a characteristic recognition value through the consistent application and compliance of the corporate design elements. A corporate design only works if every single employee of the company sticks to the guidelines. For this reason, use the Corporate Design templates for your orientation in order to be consistent and strong in the entire company appearance and communication.

The communication goals of Onventis design are innovation, premium quality and simplicity or structure. With a noble and individual design with attention to detail, our information should be presented in an easy to understand and structured way using cutting-edge technology.